ITV Drama Festival 2020

360° projection

For the second year in a row, ITV Studios’ third annual ambitious Drama Festival returned to The Roundhouse, presenting their slate of upcoming shows to over 300 buyers from around the world.

Working with the same immersive 360° projection setup, using 21 projectors outputing 21600x2160 pixels on the voiles hanging in the arches of the iconic inner ring of the venue, my main focus was motion and vfx design for the event opening showreel which this time packed a more playful, colorful and certainly a lot more psychedelic punch.

The showreel is not publicly available yet due to containing unreleased material, so please get in touch for more info!
Motion graphics

ITV Studios

Created at
Zealot UK

The Roundhouse

Lead collaborators
CD/Editor - Ben Walker
Technical production - Hawthorn

Promax Europe 2021: GOLD — Long Form Promo
The Motion Awards by Motionographer 2021: WINNER — Installation/Experiential