Riga city council: Raise Latvia with Work, Song, Language

TV/Digital spot

Created as part of the Riga City Council (Rīgas Dome) campaign celebrating November 18th – the Proclamation Day of the Republic of Latvia.

The cornerstones of this 2021 campaign were the slogan and music piece “Cel Latviju ar darbu, dziesmu, valodu” (Raise Latvia with work, song, language) and the painted campaign mural that set the overall visual style.

The TV spot had to feel like part of the larger campaign – bring something new to the table while also bridging and bringing together the rigid bold lines of the artwork posters with the glittering sound of radio spots and radiant glow of the light installations dotted around the city of Riga.

In line with the rest of the campaign, we decided to mix old and new – simple shapes and traditional Latvian pagan symbols with contemporary animation techniques - to tell a simple story.
Story, motion graphics

Riga City Council

Lead Collaborators
Campaign CD - Dārta Apsīte
Music - Miķelis Putniņš, Asnate Rancāne
Original campaign artwork - Paulis Liepa

Art Directors Club of Europe Awards: BRONZE — Integrated and Innovation for Non-profit