Orpheus (2011)

Short film

A dark experimental take on the five greatest stages of grief, as a lone man, trapped in a nightmarish world, searches for his lost lover.

Shot mostly on a single roll of 16mm film. 
Writing, cinematography, grade, visual effects

Newport International Film Festival: WINNER ‑ Best Cinematography
Newport International Film Festival: NOMINATED ‑ Best Student Film
Carmarthenshire Bay Film Festival: WINNER ‑ Best of the Festival 
Carmarthenshire Bay Film Festival: WINNER ‑ Best Experimental Short
Screentest Festival: WINNER ‑ Best Production Design
Screentest Festival: NOMINATED ‑ Best Cinematography
Screentest Festival: NOMINATED ‑ Best Thriller
Watersprite: The Cambridge International Student Film Festival: NOMINATED ‑ Best Fiction Film
Ffresh Awards: NOMINATED ‑ Best Experimental Film
St Albans Film Festival: NOMINATED ‑ Best Student Film
Cornwall Film Festival: NOMINATED ‑ Best Experimental Film

Writer, director ‑ James Button