Visual effects reel


As a VFX generalist I have worked on award-winning feature films, TV series and short films, doing effects, compositing, matte painting, paint and roto work.

Mostly using After Effects, Photoshop and Mocha.

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Visual effects, compositing, paint-outs, planar and warped surface tracking, digital makeup, matte painting, roto


The Pembrokshire Murders: S1, Eps 1-3 (2021)  ITV, 3 x 60 min
Paint, tracking warping surfaces
  • Tracking and compositing evidence photos on paper surfaces that are bending and warping whilst being handled. Tracked using Mocha and Lockdown.
  • Background replacement on moving shots.

Hidden: S2, Eps 2-6 (2019)  BBC Wales, 5 x 60 min
Matte painting/set extension, paint
  • Compositing mountains in the background of fixed and moving shots.
  • Removing objects from shots to ensure continuity.
  • Stitching together a shot from several different shots.

Hidden: S1, Eps 1-3 (2018)  BBC Wales, 3 x 60 min
Visual effects
  • Developed a damaged analogue CCTV footage look to serve as a visual device to obscure the suspect’s face.
  • Subtle CGI blood and screen replacement compositing.

Keeping Faith: Season 1 (2017)  BBC/S4C, 8 x 60 min
Retouching, wire removal, visual effects
  • Delivered around 120 shots, most included retouching/digital makeup and wire removal, often on long takes (over 30 secs).
  • Some were difficult reflection removal from glass surfaces and screen replacements.

Hinterland: Seasons 2–3 (2015–16)  BBC/S4C, 9 x 90 min
Visual effects, screen replacements, paint
  • Delivered 410 shots over the two seasons of the show, most of them were paint work of various difficulty - from simple paint-outs of crew and production equipment to tricky removals of reflections and lens flares on moving shots, sometimes merging together multiple takes.
  • Did matte painting to alter the landscapes and composited rain, fog and haze elements to help create the bleak and desolate look of the show.
  • Created analogue look for surveilance camera footage that heavily features in the show.
  • Composited many screen and photo print replacements, often on moving shots with foreground and focus pulls.
  • Several day-for-night shots.
Living a Lie: Seasons 1–2 (2016–17)  S4C, 16 x 50 min
Green screen compositing, screen replacements, motion graphics, on-set vfx supervision
  • Created the on-screen motion graphics assets of the fictional news channel that’s central to this Welsh political TV drama.
  • Keyed and composited about 300 green screen shots to create a virtual multi-camera news studio footage, supervised the green screen shoots on set with live keying for preview purposes.
  • Composited the news studio footage on computer, TV, phone and tablet screens in scenes that often had foreground elements and characters handling the devices. 

Gwaith/Cartref: Seasons 7–8, 9 Ep 1,4 (2017) S4C, 22 x 24 min
Motion graphics, paint
  • Created on-screen display elements to vizualize text messages, computer screens and social media interactions between the characters of the show.
  • Some paint work and stitching of takes.

Ellen (2016) dir. Mahalia Belo, 90 min
  • Removal of brand labels from clothes and environment.
  • Various paint work including reflection removal.

The Passing (2015)  dir. Gareth Bryn, 89 min
Visual effects, matte painting/set extension, paint
  • Delivered around 50 visual effects shots.
  • Created and composited rain, fog and snow.
  • Matte painting, mostly to alter the landscape in exterior scenes by adding mountains in distance to aid the claustrofobic feel of the film set in a valley.
  • Some paint work to remove non-period elements. 

Under Milk Wood (2015)  dir. Kevin Allen, 96 min
Visual effects, matte painting, retouching
  • Composited dreamlike day-for-night shots, essential for telling the surreal and visual story.
  • Matte painting and sky replacement to achieve an altered, hightened reality feel to help create the fictitious odd town the film is set in.
  • Retouching and paint work on faces to fix makeup and wardrobe imperfections.
  • Merging of different takes.